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Shenzhen Megarevo Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D, manufacture , sales and service in energy storage system.It is an international first-class(ESS) provider of micro-grid smart energy.Megarevo has a professional R&D team with 15 years experience in new energy field.Megarevo produce hybrid inverter, PCS (power converter system), DC/DC converter, ESS (energy storage system), EMS etc, which are widely used in household energy storage,industrial and commercial energy storage power plants, microgrid and other projects.We award a number of core invention patents.Our products have the certification including CGC, CE, TUV, SAA etc.Megarevo service customers according to their requirement, sustainable innovation, to provide customers with competitive, stable and high-tech products, solutions for intelligent energy.
Development History

The core members of the team are engaged in R & D of power electronics.
The core members of the team have long served as the leader of the core project development team of the top 500 enterprises or listed companies in the world, participated in drafting and formulating many standards in the power and electronics industry, and developed many leading power equipment and new energy related products in the industry.
Develop large capacity energy storage system and provide multiple energy storage system solutions.
Developing family intelligence energy management system
DT & E

Performance Lab
Mechanical Environment Laboratory
Safety Laboratory
Device Lab
EMC Laboratory
Thermal Simulation Laboratory
Performance Lab
Hardware Lab
Client’s Trust is Our Biggest Motivation

"Make energy cleaner and more efficient" is our mission,Megarevo target is to becoming the leader supplier in the world, cooperating with customers to build a grand blueprint in ESS.
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Our Vision

Corporate Vision

Make energy cleaner and more efficient

Business Concept

Sincere, Credit standing, Professional and Ambitious

Core Value

Work together and keep improving

Business Policy

Market - oriented and customer – centric