Megarevo MPS empowers residential electricity in Ganzi and Liangshan

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Megarevo's MPS empowers residential electricity in Ganzi and Liangshan




Recently, in order to meet the growing demand for electricity from residents, Megarevo provided 36 sets of MPS0030 and 12 sets of MPS0050 hybrid inverters to two weak power areas in Ganzi Prefecture and Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, which strengthened the foundation of local rural revitalization and improved the happiness and satisfaction of residents' life.

In remote mountain villages in Ganzi Prefecture and Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan, with high altitudes and treacherous terrain, scattered PV independent power supply sites are the source of electricity for residents' production and living. However, these PV sites were built in 2013, the installed capacity is small, and the power generation is unstable, only to meet the people's basic electricity needs. With the development of economy and society, residents are eager to use modern household appliances and production equipment such as TV, refrigerator, washing machine and ghee machine.

In order to ensure the residents' production and living, Megarevo participates in the local power supply capacity expansion project, providing hybrid inverters to form a friendly synergy with the existing and expanded PV systems, so as to provide residents with stable clean power around the clock and continue to promote people's well-being and rural revitalization.

This is another successful application of MPS hybrid inverter in weak power areas. As a bridge between energy storage system and power grid, MPS hybrid inverter has been widely used in Taklamakan Desert, Yulin coal mine area in Shaanxi Province, and many areas in Southeast Asia and Africa without electricity or weak electricity due to its efficient and stable operation conditions and excellent performance. As a company with a high sense of social responsibility, Megarevo insists on the vision of "making energy cleaner and more efficient" and plunges into the energy storage industry to provide safe and efficient products and cost-effective solutions to add a pure and brighter color to the lives of more residents.

After the completion of the PV capacity expansion project in Garze Prefecture and Liangshan Prefecture in Sichuan province, it will solve the electricity problem of the local 896 households and 2,400 people. In the future, under the background of "new infrastructure" and "zero carbon goal", Megarevo will focus on the local market and take a global view, and continue to empower society through continuous innovation and change, bringing green electricity into millions of homes.


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