Pakistan Microgrid Project

A stable electricity supply is a key factor in economic development, but there are still many residents in Pakistan who do not have access to a stable supply of electricity. So in order to change and improve this situation , Megarevo have cooperated with local solar companies to install micro-grid systems, which is an economical, fast and effective energy solution.

In May 2022, Megarevo successfully implemented the commissioning of 2 sets of 10-foot microgrid systems as the plan. The system used Megarevo's MPS series hybrid inverter, combined with the PV panel and diesel generator at the project site, providing the stable and security power for local house.

Voices from customers

"We are very proud to be Megarevo's partner in Pakistan. Since the system running, we have installed 6 microgrid systems in weak power areas, and now these microgrids will serve more than 1,200 households, and make more people benefit from it. "

Pakistan Microgrid Project