PV-ESS-EV Charging Station Solution

Solution advantage
Megarevo has accumulated rich experience in the field of PV-ESS-EV charging applications, and can provide a variety of flexible solutions for charging stations, including MEGA series solutions, MPS Hybrid inverter solutions and containerized ESS solutions ,to help customers solve the problems of long construction time for capacity expansion and low utilization rate. Megarevo’solution make the charging station more clean and more convenient for the people travel.
Safe and reliable
It has a complete safety protection strategy, which can effectively deal with overload, short circuit and abnormal power grid conditions;
More than 100MW successful application cases;
Efficient & flexible
The maximum efficiency more than 98.7%;
It can realize the integration of PV, energy storage and battery;
Intelligent& Friendly
Support on/off-grid mode switching function, Support PV MPPT control;
Economical and durable
The design life of the scheme is more than 25 years;
Short investment return cycle;
Madagascar PV charging station 100kW/250kWh
This is a tourist base in Madagascar. Due to the capacity expansion of the original charging station, it is difficult to transform and upgrade. Finally the customer uses Megarevo 100kW/250KWh ESS solution as a replacement. The AC side consists of two sets of MPS0050, the system is able to support on/off grid operation mode, thereby smoothing demand peaks and reducing stress on grid equipment.
PV-ESS-EV Charging Station Solution
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