>Container energy storage system

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In order to reduce the production losses caused by power outages in summer, Megarevo has launched 20-foot high-energy-density ESS. The DC side consists of eight 138kWh lithium battery energy units, and the AC side uses MEGA series PCS, through the EMS operation strategy, interacts with the grid in a friendly way, and provides power support for customers during power limited period.

Container energy storage system
Container energy storage system
Container energy storage system
Container energy storage system
Container energy storage system
Container energy storage system
Product Highlights
Friendly & Flexible
Standardized design, easy to expand and maintain.
Support simultaneous access to load, battery, grid, DG, and PV.
Safe & Reliable
Support battery management system and comprehensive thermal management.
Support real-time online monitoring of system status.
Abundant configuration
Diversified selection of equipment capacity.
Multiple working modes can be flexibly set.
Choose our benefits

Integrated design for easy transportation and installation

Reduce system operating costs

Can be used for a variety of backup purposes

Turnkey projects

Support 7*24 remote service

AC data
Rated power (kW)5001,000
Rated voltage (V)400
Rated current (A)722A1,445A
Voltage range (V)320V-460V
Rated frequency50/60Hz
Frequency Range45-55/55-65Hz
THDu (off-grid)≤ 1% linear; ≤ 5% non-linear
Power factor1 (0.8 leading ~ 0.8 laging can be set)
Overload capacity110% Long term
AC output3W+N+PE
Isolation transformer315/400
On -grid off-grid switchingSupport
PV data
Max.PV input voltage (V)1,000
Max. PV power (kW)600/660/7201,200/1,320/1,440
MPPT operating voltage range (V)250~850
MPPT full load voltage range (V)450~850
Buck-boost modeSupport
Battery data
Cell type3.2V/280Ah/1C, LFP
Nominal voltage(V)768V/1P240S
Nominal energy (MWh)1.07522.1504
Working voltage range (V)672~850V
Max. charge and discharge rate0.5C@25℃
System data
Dimensions W *D *H (mm)6,058×2,438×2,89612,192×2,438×2,896
Net weight (kg)21,00038,000
Operating temperature (℃)0 ~ +45
Relative humidity0 ~95%(non-condensing)
Ingress protectionIP54
Noise emission (dB)<75dB
Operating altitude3,000m
CoolingIntelligent air cooling
Fire extinguishing systemFM200/NVEC1230
DisplayTouch LCD display+cloud platform
EMS communicationRS485,TCP/IP