>American ESS split- phase inverter

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The Low-Voltage North American hybrid inverter series is specifically designed for home energy storage, operating at 48V with a split-phase configuration. The Megarevo hybrid inverter 48V can meet power demands of up to 10KW for various home energy storage applications. With support for parallel connection of up to 6 devices, Megarevo 48V split-phase inverters, coupled with an intelligent display, offer enhanced convenience for operation and maintenance.

American ESS split- phase inverter(battery voltage:48V)
American ESS split- phase inverter(battery voltage:48V)
American ESS split- phase inverter(battery voltage:48V)
American ESS split- phase inverter(battery voltage:48V)
American ESS split- phase inverter(battery voltage:48V)
American ESS split- phase inverter(battery voltage:48V)
American ESS split- phase inverter(battery voltage:48V)
American ESS split- phase inverter(battery voltage:48V)
Product Highlights
Safe and Reliable
Passed UL 1741:2021, IEEE 1547.1, UL1699B, South Africa NRS097-2-1:2017 test certification.
Friendly and Flexible
Support multi-machine parallel connection.
Support multi-machine parallel mode sharing a battery pack
Single-machine load capacity 100A.
Economical and Efficient
Support parallel SOC equalization control and parallel current sharing control.
Using split-phase topology and eliminating the transformers, to make the system efficiency higher. Support the diesel generator and the grid access at the same time.
Choose our benefits

Reduce electricity costs by 50% per year

Free energy available at night

Participate in peak load shifting to gain additional economic benefits

Keeping critical load operation in power off

Support 7*24 remote service

12kW Split-phase Hybrid Inverter
PV input
Max.DC Input Power(kW)1824
No.of MPPT Trackers4
MPPT Voltage Range(without battery)(V)120~500 / 120~430
MAX.DC Input Voltage(V)500
MAX.Input Current per MPPT(A)16/16/16/1620/26/20/26
MAX.Short  Current per MPPT(A)2222A/34A/22A/34A
Battery Input 
Nominal voltage(V)48
MAX.Charging/Discharging  Current(A)250/260
Battery Voltage Range(V)40-58
Battery TypeLithium / Lead Acid
Charging Controller3-Stage with Equalization
AC Output (On-Grid)
Nominal output power Output to Grid(kVA)1216
MAX. Apparent Power Output to Grid(kVA)13.217.6
Nominal AC Voltage (L-N/L1-L2)(110~120)/(220~240V) split phase,  240V single phase
Nominal AC Frequency(Hz)60Hz(55 to 65Hz)
Nominal AC Current (A)5066.7
Max. AC Current (A)5573.3
Max. Grid Passthrough Current(A)200
Output THDI< 3%
AC output(back-up)
Nominal. apparent power (kVA)12
Max. apparent power(no PV) (kVA)12
Max. apparent power(wtih PV) (kVA)


Nominal output voltage(V)120/240
Nominal output frequency (Hz)60
Automatic switchover time (ms)<20
Output power factor0.8leading~0.8lagging
Output THDu<2%
Grounding detectionYES
Arc Fault ProtectionYES
Island ProtectionYES
Insulation Resistor DetectionYES
Residual Current Monitoring UnitYES
Output Over Current ProtectionYES
Back-up Output Short ProtectionYES
Output Over Voltage ProtectionYES
Output Under Voltage ProtectionYES
General data
Mppt efficency99.9%
Europe Efficiency(PV)96.2%
Max.PV to Grid Efficiency(PV)96.5%
Max.Battery to Load Efficiency94.6%
Max.PV to  Battery charing Efficiency95.8%
Max.GRID to  Battery charing Efficiency94.5%
Operating Temperature range (℃)-25 ~ +60
Relative Humidity0-95%
Operating Altitude0~4000m(Derating above 2000m altitude)
Ingress ProtectionIP65/NEMA 3R
Built-in breakerOptional
Weight(kg)53kg(56kg with breaker)
Dimensions W*H*D (mm)495 x 900 x 260
CoolingFAN Cooling
Noise  emission (dB)38         
DisplayTouch panel
Communication With BMS/Meter/EMSRS485,CAN
Supported communication interfaceRS485, 4G (optional),Wi-Fi
Self-consumption (W)< 25  
SafetyUL1741,UL1741SA&SB all options, UL1699B, CSA -C22.2 NO.107.1-01,RSD(NEC690.5,11,12)
EMCFCC Part 15 Class B
Grid connection standardsIEEE 1547, IEEE 2030.5, HECO Rule 14H, CA Rule 21 Phase I,II,III,CEC, CSIP,SRD2.0,SGIP,OGPe,NOM,California Prob65
Other data
Peak power (off grid)110%,30s / 120%,10s / 200%,5s
(5-10)kW Split-phase Hybrid Inverter
PV input
Max.DC input power (kW)7.59
No. of MPPT trackers4
MPPT voltage range (V)120~500
MAX.DC input voltage (V)500
MAX. input current (A)14
MAX. short circuit current (A)22
Battery input
Nominal voltage (V)48
MAX.charging/discharging current (A)120/120
135/135   190/190190/190190/210
Battery voltage range (V)40-60
Battery typeLithium /Lead-acid
Charging strategy for Li-lon batterySelf-adaption to BMS
AC output(on-grid)
Nominal output power output to grid (kVA)56   7.6810
MAX. apparent power output to grid (kVA)5.5
6.6   8.48.811
Output voltage range (V)(110~120)/(220~240)split phase, 240V single phase
Output frequency(Hz)60(55 to 65)
Nominal AC current output to grid (A)20.825   31.733.341.7
Max. AC current output to grid (A)22.9
27.5   34.836.745.8
Max. grid passthrough current(A)100
Output THDi<3%
AC output(back-up)
Nominal. apparent power (kVA)56   7.6810
Max. apparent power (kVA)5.5
6.6   8.48.811
Nominal output voltage L-N/L1-L2 (V)120/240
Nominal output frequency(Hz)60
Automatic switchover time(ms)<20
Output power factor0.8leading~0.8lagging
Output THDu


Grounding detectionYes
Arc fault protectionYes
Island protectionYes
Battery reverse polarityYes
Insulation resistor detectionYes
Residual current monitoring unitYes
Output over current protectionYes
Back-up output short protectionYes
Output over voltage protectionYes
Output under voltage protectionYes
General data
Mppt efficency99.9%
Europe efficiency (PV)96.5%
PV to grid efficiency (PV)97.2%
Battery to load efficiency95.2%
PV to battery charing efficiency96.1%
Grid to battery charing efficiency95.0%
Output conduit(mm)25.4
PV input conduit (mm)25.4
BAT input conduit (mm)35.4
Operating temperature range (°C)-25~+60
Relative humidity0-95%
Operating altitude0~4000m(Derating above 2000m altitude)
Ingress protectionIP65/NEMA 3R
Built-in breakerOptional
Weight (kg)48kg(50kg with breaker)
Dimensions W*H*D(mm)450x820x240
CoolingFAN cooling
Noise emission (dB)38
DisplayLCD,Touch panel(optinal)
Communication with BMS/Meter/EMSRS485,CAN
Supported communication interfaceRS485, WLAN, 4G (optional)
SafetyUL1741SA all options, UL1699B, CSA 22.2
EMCFCC part 15 class B
Support diesel generatorYES
Grid connection standardsIEEE 1547,IEEE 2030.5, Hawaii rule 14H, Rule 21 phase l,ll,lll
Other data
Peak power (off grid)105%60s /110%30s /120%10s /150%,20ms