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Megarevo at The Solar Show Africa2023




On April 24, The Solar Show Africa, the largest and highest profile solar industry event in Africa, was held in Johannesburg, South Africa as scheduled. As a professional energy storage inverter supplier, Megarevo brought its latest energy storage product solutions to the show for the first time.


Due to the aging of coal power equipment, rising fuel prices and many other factors, in recent years, South Africa's large-scale power outages and power restrictions have been frequent, and the power network is almost paralyzed. 2022, South Africa's annual number of days of power restrictions even exceeds 200 days, the power shortage problem has posed a threat to the country's economic development and social structure.

South Africa is one of the world's most solar-rich countries, but its installed solar capacity is not outstanding, more than 80% of its existing energy from coal power stations, only 7% of energy from renewable energy. In order to effectively alleviate the current energy crisis, the South African authorities have embarked on a radical energy reform, not only to increase the proportion of new energy sources installed on the grid, but also to provide favorable tax breaks for businesses and individual customers. With all the incentives, South Africa is becoming a hotbed of competition in the clean energy market. It is predicted that South Africa is expected to install more than 9.5GWh of new household storage in 2025.

At The Solar Show Africa, Megarevo brought G2 hybrid inverter, Three-phase ESS hybrid inverter and DCAC energy storage module, providing home, commercial and industrial, micro-grid green power solutions for the South African customers and partners. Megarevo is committed to helping South Africa get out of the darkness and accelerate the energy transformation process.


It is Megarevo's consistent goal to solve customers' electricity consumption problems and enable customers to have a safe, stable and cost-effective energy consumption experience. Megarevo's products are easy to operate and maintain, have high system efficiency, are compatible with a variety of battery connections, and comply with local safety regulations and grid-connected standards. They are ideal for creating flexible grids.


In 2023, Megarevo is actively laying out the South African market. In addition to providing highly cost-effective products, Megarevo has also established an after-sales service network in Johannesburg, South Africa, to provide technical support and timely response services to customers in the African region. In the next three years, Megarevo will further accelerate the localization process of manpower, resources and service configuration in South Africa to empower sustainable local development.

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