DC/DC Converter


Product Characteristics

Product Parameter


  • Maximum efficiency over 99%

  • Two-way energy flow, charge-discharge integrated design

  • Multiple communication interfaces of ethernet/WIFI/GPRS/CAN

  • Maximum Power Density Design in the Industry

  • Modular design, flexible and convenient system expansion

  • Full Digital Control Technology, Higher Data Processing Accuracy and Speed

Bi-direction   DC parameter 
DC voltage   range0-850V
Full load   voltage range420-850V
Max current72A120A240A360A480A600A720A
Rated power30KW50KW100KW150KW200KW250KW300KW
Max power33KW55KW110KW165KW220KW275KW330KW
PV or Battery   branches1123456
System   parameter 
Maximum   efficiency99%
Protection   degreeIP20
DisplayTouch screen
Operation   Temperature- 30~+60℃
CoolingIntelligent air cooling 
Relative   humidity0-95% non-condensing
Maximum   altitude5000m(derated above 3000m)
Protection   function
Overcurrent   protection on both sidesyes
short-circuit   protection on both sidesyes
Overvoltage   and undervoltage protection yes
Module   Overtemperature Protection yes
DC switchyes
Lightning   protection yes
General   Information
Dimension(W/D/H)600×720× 1350mm 600×720× 2050mm 

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