Hybrid (UL)


Product Characteristics

Product Parameter


  • Model includes 7.6kw -11.4KW with integrated appearance design

  • Wide battery input range compatible with various lithium batteries and lead acid

  • Stylish appearance, convenient wiring

  • Low noise IP65 design, natural cooling, external fan-free design, improve the whole machine life

  • Battery reverse connection protection, charging and discharging are controlled by intelligent software to improve battery life.

  • Input and output lightning protection, PV arc detection

  • Discharge to full power when battery is full and disconnect charger automatically

  • Off grid full power output, transient 1.5 times overload, soft start mode, air conditioner, water pump and other loads included

  • Insulation detection, leakage battery, ground fault detection, island protection to prevent electric shock

  • Maximum efficiency up to 98.2%

  • 4 independent MPPT designs, making the most of light energy in various directions

  • Distributed Virtual Power Plant Management Node

  • Remote monitoring of computers and mobile phones

  • Villa 、 Communication base station 、 Nomadic area 、 Farm 、 Household 、 Backup power

PV input
PV input power 10kW 11.7kw 13kw 14.82KW
MPPT number 4
PV voltage range 150-500V
PV input voltage 500V
Each MPPT input current 13A 13A 14A 14A
AC output (grid)
Rated AC output 120 / 240V 7.6KW 120 / 240V 9KW 120 / 240V 10KW 120 / 240V 11.4W
AC output voltage 110-120 / 220-240V split phase, 1Ø, 230 1 phase
AC output frequency 50 / 60Hz (45 ~ 54.9Hz / 55 ~ 65Hz)
Max output current 32A RMS 37.5A 41.7A 47.5A
AC reverse charging Yes
Power factor 0.8 the best ... 0.8 Lagging
THDI <2%
Backup AC output
Rated backup output power 7.6 W 9KW 10KW 11.4KW
Maximum backup output power 9.5kVA 60S /
11.4KVA 1S
11.25kVA 60S /
13.5KVA 1S
12.5kVA 60S /
15KVA 1S
14.25kVA 60S /
17.1KVA 1S
Backup AC output voltage 110-120 / 220-240 split phase, 1Ø, 230 1 phase
AC frequency 50 / 60Hz
Output THDI <2%
Max charge and discharge current 80A / 80A 62.5A / 62.5A 69.5A / 69.5A 79A / 79A
Battery voltage range 96V to 336V 150V to 336V 150V to 336V 150V to 336V
Battery capacity range 6.6 ~ 66kWh
Battery type Lithium / lead acid
Maximum efficiency ≥98.2%
CEC efficiency ≥97.2%
Perfect protection Ground protection; Full arc protection; Island protection; DC disconnection detection; Battery reverse protection; Battery charge and discharge protection; Insulation test; GFCI; DC & AC anti thunder; Overvoltage and undervoltage protection; AC & DC overcurrent protection; AC short circuit current protection; Overheat protection
General data
AC and backup output conduit size 25.4mm
PV input conduit size 25.4mm
Battery input conduit size 34.5mm
Operating temperature range .-25 to + 60 ° C
Environmental humidity 0-95%
Altitude 0 ~ 4000M (Reduction over 2000m)
IP rating IP65
weight 30kg
Dimension (W x H x D) 530x660 x 200mm
Cooling Natural cooling
Noise emission (dB) <25dB <29dB <29dB <29dB
display LCD
Communication Modbus, RS485, WiFi, 4G
Self consumption at night <2.5W (<5W when using battery)
No transformer Yes
safety UL1741SA all options, UL1699B, CSA 22.2
EMC FCC Part 15 ClassB

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