Battery Echelon Utilization

Communication Base Station

ESS+PV(wind energy)can supply power to communication base stations in remote areas

  • Using modular PCS to reduce the capacity of battery stack

  • Whole battery pack can save battery cost

  • Peak slaving and valley filling

Characteristic advantage

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Industrial And Commercial Energy Storage Echelon Utilization

ESS with echelon batteries,can greatly reduce investment costs and increase income

Related Case

Family Optical Storage Project

Time: 2019年3月

Case location:wuchuan ,guangzhou

Installed capacity:5kw Hybrid+9.6kwhbatttery

Application model: R5KL1

Project Introduction:


Manila Offline Project, Philippines

Time: May 2019

Case location: Manila Philippines

Installed capacity: 10kw 

Application model: R5KL1

Project Introduction:


300 kW microgrid project in Thailand

  1. Application scenarios:solar Storage Microgrid and Back of Diesel Engine
  2. Installed capacity:3*100kw PCS+3*300kwh battery+3*100kwPV Controller +3*50kVA
  3. Location:Chiang Lai, Thailand
  4. Time:June 2017 
  5. Installation form:Indoor

Wancheng Wanchong Energy Storage Project

Time: April 2019

Case location: guangzhou

Installed capacity: 100kw 

Application model: Mega100T

Project Introduction:


GAC new energy South power grid peak load regulation and frequency regulation project

  1. Application scenarios:Peak shaving frequency modulation
  2. Installed capacity:1MWPCS+1MWwh battery
  3. Location:Guangzhou,Guangdong
  4. Time:june 2019
  5. Installation form:Outdoor Container


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