Household Energy Storage

With the decline of photovoltaic subsidies,the PV inverter will be replaced by hybrid inverter,so that to save electrical charge.

  • Peak shaving and valley filling

  • Transformer capacity expansion

  • Reactive power compensation and APF

  • PCS has strong load adaptability and reliability

Characteristic advantage

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Family Household AC Coupling

The energy storage converter devices can be installed with pv power system together on the AC that to save electrical charge.


Commercial Energy Storage

ESS can be used for not only peak-valley arbitrage,but also reducing transformer capacity charge, saving user transformer expansion and saving costs for standby power supply.


Related Case

Family Optical Storage Project

Time: 2019年3月

Case location:wuchuan ,guangzhou

Installed capacity:5kw Hybrid+9.6kwhbatttery

Application model: R5KL1

Project Introduction:


Manila Offline Project, Philippines

Time: May 2019

Case location: Manila Philippines

Installed capacity: 10kw 

Application model: R5KL1

Project Introduction:


300 kW microgrid project in Thailand

  1. Application scenarios:solar Storage Microgrid and Back of Diesel Engine
  2. Installed capacity:3*100kw PCS+3*300kwh battery+3*100kwPV Controller +3*50kVA
  3. Location:Chiang Lai, Thailand
  4. Time:June 2017 
  5. Installation form:Indoor

Wancheng Wanchong Energy Storage Project

Time: April 2019

Case location: guangzhou

Installed capacity: 100kw 

Application model: Mega100T

Project Introduction:


GAC new energy South power grid peak load regulation and frequency regulation project

  1. Application scenarios:Peak shaving frequency modulation
  2. Installed capacity:1MWPCS+1MWwh battery
  3. Location:Guangzhou,Guangdong
  4. Time:june 2019
  5. Installation form:Outdoor Container


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