4 Changes Bring to ESS Charging Stand from Hybrid Inverters

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4 Changes Bring to ESS Charging Stand from Hybrid Inverters




4 Changes Bring to ESS Charging Stand from Hybrid Inverters

The increasing popularity of new energy vehicles (NEV) has led to a significant rise in electricity consumption, especially in regions with multiple charging stations. This heightened demand has placed pressure on the existing power grid infrastructure. One of the effective solutions is deploying energy storage systems (ESS), which can alleviate the strain on power supply and demand. So, the ESS charging stand comes in, and equipping advanced hybrid inverters will make the entire energy storage system more competitive.


In this article, we will embark on a journey to explore the groundbreaking concepts of ESS charging stations and their revolutionary role in powering our lives. We will unveil the unique features and advantages of hybrid inverters used in ESS charging stands and investigate how they contribute to a sustainable energy ecosystem.

Benefits of Hybrid Inverters for ESS Charging Stations

Hybrid inverters play a pivotal role in fully harnessing the potential of ESS (Energy Storage System) charging stations. These devices combine the advantages of traditional photovoltaic inverters and offer many benefits beyond simple charging.

1. Improved Utilization of Clean Energy

By deploying hybrid inverters in ESS charging stands, the efficiency of clean energy generation for charging stations can be maximized. These inverters prioritize using self-consumption mode when sunlight conditions are optimal, storing excess photovoltaic-generated power in batteries during nighttime peaks. This effectively reduces grid electricity purchasing costs.

2. Uninterrupted Power Supply in Off-Grid Mode

In situations where the primary grid is unavailable, hybrid inverters can function as photovoltaic inverters, storing solar-generated power in batteries to continue charging NEV.

3. Achieving Intelligent Charging

Intelligent charging, a pivotal aspect of the ESS Charging Stand powered by hybrid inverters, brings a new level of adaptability and efficiency to the charging experience. Firstly, it considers the grid's status, ensuring that charging rates are adjusted during periods of high demand to prevent overloading the grid. Additionally, intelligent charging optimizes energy consumption by factoring in fluctuating energy prices. Charging stations can prioritize charging during low-demand and low-cost periods, resulting in cost-effective charging for users. Moreover, user preferences play a significant role. Drivers can specify their desired charging schedule, allowing the system to optimize charging times to align with their needs.

4. Higher Return on Investment

Apart from delaying the need for grid upgrades, adopting hybrid inverters to ESS charging stands in charging stations allows surplus electricity from new energy vehicles during peak consumption periods to be fed back to the grid, resulting in substantial returns.

Recommendation: Megarevo MPS Hybrid Inverter

As people journey towards a sustainable energy landscape, the MPS Hybrid Inverter offered by us, Magerevo, emerges as a pivotal solution, purpose-built for ESS charging stations. Here are its features and advantages:


ü  Safety and Reliability

With an impressive array of certifications, including EN62109-1/-2, EN62477-1, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4, South Africa NRS097-2-1:2017, Pakistan & India IEC61727, IEC62116, and IEC 61683, our MPS Hybrid Inverter guarantees a secure and dependable energy solution. These certifications underscore our product’s proven track record of safety, providing a solid foundation for ESS charging stations.

ü  Flexibility at its Core

Our MPS Hybrid Inverter is a versatile powerhouse that seamlessly integrates multiple energy sources. Its capability to handle photovoltaic systems, diesel generators, batteries, and loads simultaneously elevates its status as a dynamic hub for energy management. Going beyond mere integration, it supports black start capability, exemplifying its resilience in any scenario.

ü  Simplified Operation and Maintenance

Megarevo’s MPS Hybrid Inverter is user-friendliness. An intuitive HMI digital display panel allows for quick insights into equipment status and health, making operation and maintenance a breeze. Its support for unattended operations further streamlines management tasks, enabling smooth day-to-day operations.

ü  Remote Management Revolution

In the digital age, remote monitoring and management are paramount. Our MPS Hybrid Inverter partners with a cloud-based Energy Management System (EMS) to enable remote oversight. This empowers operators to monitor and manage the inverter's performance from anywhere, creating a seamless bridge between control and convenience.



Modern life empowers individuals with the right to enjoy clean and affordable electricity anytime, anywhere. We, Megarevo, have recognized this trend and have achieved significant milestones in this field. For instance, in 2021, we provided a complete ESS solution for a charging station in northern Norway. Similarly, last year, we implemented a solution for a venue for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. These cases validate Megarevo's extensive experience in the charging domain. If you have any doubts about the hybrid inverter, why not reach out to us? We have a professional team to answer your questions and provide you with the best solution to embrace green energy. 

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