Megarevo obtained QTL Accredited laboratory qualification from SGS

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Megarevo Obtained QTL Accredited Laboratory Qualification from SGS




Recently, Shenzhen Megarevo Technology Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as: Megarevo) was awarded the QTL Accredited Laboratory qualification by SGS, a well-known testing, inspection and certification organization. Megarevo CEO Wiken Huang, representatives of SGS Consumer Electronics Division and project team members from both sides attended the awarding ceremony. In the future, the two sides will further deepen cooperation in the field of testing, inspection and certification.


Photo of the two sides at the awarding ceremony

Megarevo is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production, and sales of energy storage inverters, and is committed to providing safe and reliable energy storage product solutions.  The company has invested a large number of personnel and professional testing equipment for product quality testing and has maintained close cooperation with SGS.

SGS is an internationally recognized third-party testing and certification body, and Megarevo Laboratory has become SGS's QTL laboratory, which is based on Megarevo's perfect experimental equipment and advanced quality management system.  In accordance with international quality standards, Megarevo continuously improves product reliability and safety in terms of product development and process transformation.  This time Megarevo became SGS QTL laboratory, representing the level of testing personnel, testing equipment conditions, and laboratory testing capabilities that have been fully affirmed.

SGS visited the site and approved the test data of Megarevo.  Both parties interpret data in standard laboratories and communicate more deeply in test methods to maximize the advantages of both parties and further integrate resources.  This will help to improve the certification efficiency of Megarevo laboratories, accelerate the entry of Megarevo products into target markets, and empower customers in more regions to use green energy efficiently.

In the future, Megarevo will strictly follow SGS standards, constantly improve the laboratory test process and management system, promote the development and application of innovative technologies, and jointly promote the sustainable development of the new energy industry with SGS.

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